The management introduces itself:

Alfred Palsson, CEO

Alfred Palsson was borne in Akureyri, North Iceland  28th of May 1973.  Alfred studied business from VMA High School in Akureyri and  1996 Alfred graduated with BC of Business from University of Bifröst.


For one year after his graduation Alfred worked as a insurance salesman and supervisor.  


In 1998 he starded working with his father and one of his brothers starting up and running a  Building Constructors Company in Akureyri.


2010 Alfred decided to do something completely different things in life and deal with new projects, and Volcanic Drinks ehf. was created.


Ragnar Tryggvason was born in the farm Krónustadir, North Icealand 9th of June 1953.  He started as a young man, only 15 years old (1968), in Vikin Brewery, Akureyri Iceland, in filling.  Soon, or in 1975 he became a Production Manager of Viking Brewery, was working as brewer in brew house and fermentation/filtration of the beer. Was also blending soft drinks and running the filling line.


In 1988 he became Plant Manager of Sanitas hf (Pepsi Cola Iceland) in Reykjavík.  There he was supervising blending and filling of the soft drinks, also purchased raw materials for production.


In 1993, Ragnar became Technical Director of Baltic bottling Plant St. Petersburg Russia. His job was starting up complete soft drink factory with PET and can filling lines and training the operators and making recipes for different types of soft drinks.


In 1996 he became Technical Director of Bravo International St. Petersburg Russia and started up new complete factory for soft and long drinks (alcoholic drinks) with syrup/spirit room, Pet line and canning line and developing sevral types BRAVO long drinks 5% and 9% alcohol volume.  He was also installing and starting op complete brewery with technical capacity of 4 million hectoliters.


In 2002 to 2006 he was a Project Director of Heineken Group Russia and was working on installing and starting up filling lines.


In 2006 to 2013 Ragnar was Technical Director Banja Luka Brewery Bosnia and Herzegovina.  His job was cleaning up the process equipment to get stable quality of the beer, installing new PET  and can line and improve efficiency of the filling line.


In 2010 Ragnar became a partner of Volcanic Drinks ehf. where he works still today as a plant manager and master distiller.


Ragnar Tryggvason, Plant manager and master distiller